Toyota Camry 2018 Review

List of Pros

  • Comfort, the highest in the class. 
  • Advanced maneuverability and steering response.
  • Good price-quality relation.

List of Cons

  • Engine options aren’t diverse. 
  • The hybrid model is unavailable. 
  • No seat ventilation or blind spot control. 
Toyota Camry 2018

Toyota Camry Overview

2018 Toyota Camry impressed a lot of skeptics. Despite being a quite famous and universal pick, some performance nuances and minor flaws made it rather a backstair option. So what turned Camry into an interesting vehicle? 


Exterior of Toyota Camry 2018

A large four-door sedan has received an expressive front and a dynamic profile. A 30 mm lower deck and a motor hood mounted 40mm lower didn’t interfere with design continuity. The wheelbase has stretched for five extra centimeters to 2,825 mm, while the height has decreased by 3.5 centimeters. 


Interior of Toyota Camry 2018

There are no boring straight lines anymore. A driver’s work zone is fenced off by a wave that runs on the right side of the central tunnel. Almost everything is new: a steering wheel, a dashboard, a multimedia system, etc, only a dashboard screen looks quite familiar – the legacy of the previous generation.

The plastic is soft, a dashboard is functional and intuitive. You also get comfortable seats, high armrests, and a massive center console. A steering wheel finishing, however, is frustrating: the new copper shade of tree-styled wheel doesn’t suit well for the beige interior.

Technology & performance

The new generation of Toyota Camry is built on a new TNGA platform. Interestingly, having received a completely new platform, suspension, and steering system, the new generation Toyota Camry still uses the old engine and automatic transmission. It is equipped with gasoline 4-cylinder 2.5-liter atmospheric engine 2AR-FE, which develops 181 hp and 231 Nm. 


The seats have become better both in terms of design and convenience. Backseats received better finishing in more expensive rims, though even the basic version is really good. The initial version features a spacious rear sofa with a folding armrest and a decent stock of legroom.

Climate Control System

A simple and convenient climate unit with rotary controls is located under a multimedia touchscreen. A seat microclimate control unit has a heating mode and seat ventilation. The block itself is well organized, although not perfect in terms of ergonomics: the keys are located behind the brush lying on the armrest, and you need to bend it down to press.

Infotainment System

Toyota Camry Review

Multimedia system with the same name, Touch 2, has become more stylish and driver-oriented. A 7-inch capacitive touchscreen with good response and speed, in addition to general functions, features an image from the all-round camera. You’ll enjoy a clear menu and crisp image (640×480 px and up to 17 million colors). Mechanical sound and radio frequency controls are grouped to the left from the screen, convenient to reach. Large black rectangular keys are gone, giving way to narrow silver ones. 

Storage and Space

Inside the passenger compartment, you’ll find convenient cupholders. There is no niche in the armrest and no room for storing your little things. The trunk has become a bit smaller: 493 liters compared to previous 506 liters. A trunk lid with a new lifting mechanism design retained large loops. There are no electric drive in any of the versions. There are no shelves for little things, audio system speaker and lid opening mechanism remain visible.


The car has become more exciting to drive. The suspension is soft, but not too soft. Sufficient noise isolation during stops and movement without sudden acceleration guarantee a smooth ride. You can hear the engine working during a couple of minutes after a cold start, but it goes quiet after reaching the working temperature – complete silence with only by distant sounds from the outside. 

Seat comfort

Upholstered front seats got accentuated lateral support. Making yourself comfortable in a driver’s seat is easy thanks to the electric height adjustment of a cushion and customizable lumbar support. It is enough room in the back to feel completely comfortable. However, a potential third passenger might feel not so great in the higher central section.
There is a pleasant bonus – foldable armrest with a multifunctional control panel. You take control of the heated seats, audio features, rear window curtain, and even an electric adjustment of rear seatback inclination angle – a true luxury-class feature! All buttons are sensory and covered by a glossy plate. 

Ride comfort

Adaptive cruise control is now trained to move in the entire speed range up to a complete stop. Having set the distance to the car ahead to the minimum value, it is quite possible to use even in the urban crowd, touching a gas pedal only when you need to start and completely forgetting about the need to slow down. The system does not panic if someone changes lanes in front, calmly returning to the optimal distance.


Leatherette and soft plastic are trim materials prevailing in the cabin, while a steering wheel and gearshift selector are covered with leather. Silver and wood plastic areas aren’t that numerous anymore, and you can opt for gray inserts instead of the latter. There are still a couple of hard zones in the cabin: the inserts with the windows keys on the doors are as glossy and tough as the frame of the cupholders, and a glove box is made of ordinary plastic.

Safety & Reliability

Drivers may feel a lack of blind spots control of rear-view mirrors, but otherwise, the Toyota Safety Sense complex is very sensible. It flawlessly recognizes markings and signs, knows how to slow down smoothly, drives into a proper row, etc.

Toyota Camry 2018 Review

The innovations in driver assistance systems include active cruise control with the possibility of a full stop, warning of a frontal collision and automatic braking function, traffic lane control, traffic sign recognition system, and automatic switching of full and low beams.

The official car warranty is three years or 100,000 km, whichever comes first.

Should I Buy the Toyota Camry?

The latest generation of the Toyota Camry is a car you’ll like on an emotional level, however strange it may sound for this brand. The flaws and cons cannot outweigh the overall final result – great comfort, decent equipment, adequate price, and originality. The current generation of the Toyota Camry is a true revelation, a car that has become better in almost everything.

How Much Does the Toyota Camry Cost?

You can buy older models released in the mid-90s for only N320,000. Models of the next decade are available for around N1,100,000. The most expensive car we’ve seen on lately had a price tag N5,700,000. You don’t have to pay more than you can afford – there are literally dozens of thousands of Camry offers. Good luck with finding the one that is perfect for you.